The Tipping Point Review

The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell explained what the different laws of social epidemics are.

I learned about how many connections and impacts we make daily. People are a great way to disseminate information.

People are interested in learning information and how to further develop connections to things and other people.

People are likely to remember things if something just “sticks.” This can mean that there is something physical or unique that makes them remember information or a product.

The book also address different phenomenon, like the how the crime rate of a city named Brownsville in NY decreasing. Some attribute its decrease to more policing, but experts believe that there are other factors.

Especially since the city had a heavy gang influence.

To me phrase “the tipping point” signifies that just when you’re at the edge or the climax of your life or your career, the unexpected can happen.

Life has many twist and turns and while you may not always be prepared for these changes, it’s important to embrace them.

This can be applied to things like fashion. Some trends start off as accidents and before you know it, you’ve reinvented fashion or an era.

This can also be applied to food. I’m not sure if the person who invented pineapple on pizza did it intentionally, but it has become a phenomenon.

While it can be a controversial food topic, I’m sure they didn’t anticipate for so many people to enjoy it. To the point where it’s offered to consumers by even fast food chains.

When starting a business, people don’t expect for it to shoot off and gain a lot of attention, but little by little they start selling their product and by the time they know it they’re sold out and need to restock.

The tipping point of someone’s life can be a blessing in disguise. At some point this past summer I didn’t think that I could handle anything more that was thrown my way and guess what? More got thrown my way.

This past summer was easily the hardest and most challenging semester for me mentally and emotionally. I felt pushed beyond my limits with my social life and school. I felt like I didn’t have any energy to even take care of myself and guess what, it’s December now and I look back and can’t believe that I was able to overcome everything that came my way.

This book taught me that it’s those moments where you feel like giving up and that you’re being pushed beyond your limits that you’re going to overcome and not only bounce back, but become even stronger.

I know that because I’m graduating I’m reaching my tipping point of not knowing where to go or what to do, but that’s whats been so exciting for me. My future is what I make of it. School has been planned out for me since I was a child. But for once I get to fully live my life the way that I want to and that’s the most refreshing feeling.


I Love Myself: & I Love UF

Saying that I love the University of Florida (UF) is a loaded statement.

I love being a Gator, but it hasn’t always been picture perfect. There have been many incidents where racist remarks and acts were done against people of color.

While my experience as a person of color wasn’t ideal, I was able to find a community where I felt I belonged. That community was in my sorority Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority, Inc. (LTA)

Being in the College of Journalism and Communications (CJC), and by taking an instrumental course (TV1) with Harrison Hove this past summer, my entire college career shifted.

I started to have friends that genuinely cared about me and my success. I found that most people in my field were two-faced and were only polite to build connections and make their way up.

But my TV1 class was the best of all time (and yes I’m biased).

My sorority LTA gave me a purpose. My sister taught me what it meant to love yourself unconditionally, how to properly communicate and even how to stay grounded.

I just want to take the time to thank everyone who’s crossed my path at UF. I can’t believe my undergrad journey is coming to an end, but I wouldn’t have traded my experience for anything.

And I would go back and relive it if I could.



I Love Myself: About Me

My name is Gabriella Leonor Garza. I’m twenty-one years old, although I get told that I look like an Elementary schooler because of how short I am. I’m 5’1 and I’m Mexican.

I was born and raised in Belle Glade, FL — a town that’s known for it’s sugar cane production and football.

My biggest goal in life is to create. Whether that be through writing, filming, singing or sewing. I plan to write and publish a book, be in a musical, film and direct a movie and to conquer the world one day at a time.

I Love Myself: Plug

My name is Gabriella Leonor Garza.

I’m graduating from the University of Florida this semester and wow has the time passed!

I guess at this point I should probably be applying to jobs and actively looking. So here is a quick way for me to plug who I am and what skills I have.

When updating my resume, I didn’t realize how involved I was throughout college. I didn’t even include sub-organizations I was a part of during my first two years of college.

Check out my resume by clicking onto my name!

I Love Myself: & I Love PRIDE

So I mentioned going to my first PRIDE festival in Gainesville last year.

Well this year I was able to go again with two of my sorority sisters. We were able to catch the last hour of it and we got to watch a drag show.

It was one of their first time’s seeing drag so she was in awe watching queens drop to the floor and wear extravagant outfits.

The atmosphere of the festival was very light and joyful. Everyone was smiling, laughing and were engaged in the performances.

We also ended up going to University Club (UC), a gay club in Gainesville.

It was my first time going to a gay club and I had a GREAT time! The environment was free and open.

There were drag performances on the dance floor and the queens put on a show!

Everyone was dancing and having a good time. It was an effortless type of fun and everyone had good energy

The drinks were also reasonably priced and tasted good.

I definitely plan on going there again before I graduate this semester! I honestly can’t believe my first time going was my last semester of college.

Happy PRIDE ya’ll!

I Love Myself: I Don’t Wanna Be Your Ex

A few months ago I endured the biggest break up of my life.

Yes. I realize how dramatic that sounds considering I’m only 21.

I dated him for four years, so yeah that’s a good chunk of my life. We did long distance for most of college.

But needless to say, it’s still a hard breakup to go through.

Anyways, I didn’t want to stop talking to him or being best friends with him. After all, I met him when I was 16 and he was 15, so we were young and definitely in love.

An artist named Kiana Lede came out with a song called “Ex” and after hearing it, I immediately sent it to him.

We were in an awkward phase of transitioning from boyfriend and girlfriend, to being just friends. Which believe me is not an easy transition.

We’re still working out what we want from our relationship, but I know I don’t want to lose him from life completely. I care too much.

It’s songs like these that help me reflect on my emotions:

“Don’t Make Me Think” Book Review

The book brought up simple concepts that we tend to overthink. Which explains the name of the book “Don’t Make Me Think” by Steve Krug.

I wasn’t sure what to expect by reading this book. But I’m glad that it was generally a quick read.

I liked that there were bullet points, graphs and pictures. I’m a visual learner, so it helped keep me engaged while reading it.

We need to be useful, learnable, memorable, effective, efficient, desirable and delightful.

Throughout the book, the author tells us ways to make our websites easier to use. All of the tips can be applied to people who have websites for different purposes.

Like street signs being big so that you can read them from across the street. They’re also usually conveniently places over our heads.

We don’t realize that things like this are done intentionally, but it’s a universal way for people to understand what is going on.

For example, having pictures for street signs is a universal way for people to understand that there is a school nearby without being from that state or even country.

Or even having a home button to allow a user to “reset” if they’ve gotten lost navigating the website. The “Home” page of the site should also let the user know the purpose behind the site.

The “Home” page should also have accessible and have easy to read tabs. There should also be an indicator to let people know what page they are on.

This could be done by having a specific tab highlighted or font of a page that the user is on to increase in size.

The book also mentioned that we should constantly observe as many people as we can. By seeing what people like and what they are responsive to, you can cater your website to your customers.

By conducting usability tests, it allows ordinary people to critique your website. This will give you insight on how easy your website is to use.

The book also gave details that may seem minor, like allowing the user to see where the cursor is. It’s really annoying when you’re on a website and you have no idea of where you’re trying to navigate to.

It’s also important to allow viewers to zoom in or out on a website. You don’t know if your viewer has poor eyesight, so your website should be able to adjust to them.

Having a good tagline lets users have an easier way to identify you or your product. This can also be achieved by having a recognizable logo. If people know what your logo looks like, they can tell what your website was created to achieve.

Overall, I liked the book. I think it provided great advice that will allow me to brand myself. Having a website made a lot of the tips valuable to me. I also liked that the book was easy to read and wasn’t over complicated or lengthy. It made sense for the book to be simple like the advice that was given.