Life of a Travelista: The Beginning

¡Hola amigx’s! My name is Gabriella “Gaby” Garza.

I have decided to create this travel blog to showcase my travels and to give advice to those interested in traveling.

I have traveled to five countries outside of the United States, including Canada, Mexico, Peru, Spain and Portugal. Within the U.S. I have traveled to eleven different states and Washington D.C.

Some of my upcoming travels will be to California and to Jamaica!

When traveling, listening to music is a must! Here is the link to Body Like A Back Road by Sam Hunt. It’s one of my favorite songs to listen to on long car rides or when relaxing at the beach.

To keep up with my travels, be sure to check out my future blog posts. You can also stay connected by following me on Instagram @yofabgab and on Twitter @GabriellaLGarza.

*amigx is a gender neutral term for the word amigo/amiga, translated in English as friends

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